HDN Cujo


HDN Cujo, is a rapper from Niagara Falls, New York known for his melodic flow and interpersonal lyrics which landed him millions of views, streams, and hundreds of thousands of fans across social media.  HDN Cujo's accolades include a number one record (Up and Away) which charted on the "Independent World Wide Radio Charts" serviced by Digital Radio Tracker for Digital/FM radio spins. HDN Cujo has placements on BET and MTV Networks, sold out shows alongside NLE Choppa, Fredo Bang, Sukihana & Killy as well as a high profile distribution agreement with Asylum & Warner Music Group.  HDN Cujo has been recognized by major media outlets like Thisis50.com, The Source, Hype Magazine, and numerous other outlets for his current stance as one of Hip Hops up and coming artists bound for stardom.

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Press / Reviews

Meet HDN Cujo. HDN Cujo is a rare breed. Nowadays, it’s rare to rub shoulders with talents who bring worthy content to the table; musicians like HDN Cujo have an intrinsic ability to bring people together; he intentionally keeps authentic themes in his music–radiating a highly contagious passion. ” - Shawn Grant

The Source

HDN Cujo is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter making noise with his unique delivery and style on his newest track “Warzone.” This track brings a deep feeling to it, he expresses his battle to take care of his family and to be on top as an independent artist in the newest release. HDN Cujo’s unique style of music has been separating him from the pack of countless other artists in the Niagara Falls, NY area.” - Natalie America

Disrupt Magazine

As is often the case with many of the best rappers (and artists in general), sincere music often stems from difficult moments in our lives. Nevertheless, our experiences through life can drive our artistic efforts in a vulnerable way that echoes our creative output. It’s safe to say that genuine lyricism will most likely turn a listener into a fan––this is precisely what rising artist HDN Cujo executes so well in his career.” - Hardcore Flava

This Is 50

There aren’t many talents willing to experiment with new sounds, but HDN Cujo is one to step outside of his comfort zone to make new discoveries. His appreciation of several musical genres has charmed some distinctive ideas, fusing modern trap cadences with classic hip-hop aesthetics. Cujo understands he didn’t get to where he is overnight when he looks at his musical journey. He knows success is an expedition, and you will be called upon when the moment is right.” - Dr. Jerry Doby

The Hype Magazine